Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Cannon Hill District Netball Association invites all current teams, new teams and single payers to join us for Season 2.  We will be running a Mixed competition on Tuesday nights (includes rounds of Fast Five) and a Ladies Social competition on a Wednesday night.  Please see below for more details.


Season 1 will start Tuesday 5th February (Mixed) and Wednesday 6th February (Ladies) and will run for 17 weeks (mixed), 16 week (ladies) plus one week of finals.

Wet weather week catch up game will be on April 9th (Mixed) and April 10th (Ladies)


Membership is free and all players must be a member prior to taking the court.  This can be done online or at the clubhouse. Please note that once your membership is complete, you must activate your account via email to complete your memebrship.  Teams who field a non-member will automatically lose that game.

Registration Fees:

A registration fee of $50 per player is payable before you take the court for your third game.  Registration fees are payable each season.

Game Fees:

Teams will be able to pay weekly, upfront in full or 2 part payments and receive a discount in fees.  Please note that teams that forfeit are still liable for game fees.

Mixed Competition

Weekly: $75/game

Upfront: $1,162.50:

Part Payment: $900 upfront / $300 week 10

Ladies Competition

Weekly: $80/game

Upfront: $1,240

Part Payment: $900 upfront / $380 week 10

Ladies Grading:

The first 3 week of the ladies competition will be grading.  This will allow us to move teams and players around without affecting ladder points.  Grading is done by several committee members who will observe teams and individual players to try to make a fair and fun competition for all involved.

Mixed Competition (Incorporates Fast Five Rounds):

The mixed competition is run as a round robin each week.  Each team will play 3 rounds every Tuesday, with each game being made up on 2×10 minutes halves with no break in-between.  There will be 2 minutes between each round to allow teams to move to the next court if required.  Every 4 weeks we will play the rounds as a Fast Five competition.  Umpires will run players through the rules if needed before the first round.  Points will be accumulated and game fees payable as per normal rounds.  The Fast Five dates for Season 2 are:

  • 26th February
  • 26th March
  • 7th May
  • 4th June

Single Players:

If you are a single player looking for a team, please click here so that we can find you a team instead of becoming a member!


Teams are required to provide their own bibs for games.  Bibs and gloves are available at the clubhouse for hire for a fee that is payable prior to your game.  To avoid this fee it is strongly suggested that teams order their own sets of bibs.  In the event that opposing teams have the same colour bibs, CHDNA will loan bibs free of charge.


All players must be registered to the team – no fill-ins are allowed to be used.  Only players who have played 3 games and have paid their registration fee during the season will be eligible to play finals.

Social Media:

Social media plays a big part in promoting CHDNA and you may frequently see committee members around the courts taking photos or video. If anyone from your team strongly objects to being filmed, please shoot us an email and we can ensure that your team is excluded from this. We would also love to see your pics – #chdnainc

Fill In’s and Registered Players:

If your team needs a fill in, please use the Facebook page. Obviously the more notice you can give the better. Players can only fill in for teams in their own division or above. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure ALL players taking the court are registered members, please do not assume they are. This can be checked at the clubhouse or by sending us an email. Automatic forced losses are applied to teams who play with an unregistered player – no warnings are given.

Please note, fill in players are not excluded from registration fees and must pay the $50 season registration fee before taking the court for their third game regardless if the 3 games are for different teams.


We are lucky to have a great Umpires Convener who works closely with our Umpires and provides mentoring and training throughout the season. If umpiring is something that you’re interested in, please email us and we will contact you.

Fine Print Recap:

  • Players must be a CHDNA member online PRIOR to taking the court (free)
  • Players must pay $50 Registration prior to the third game played (non transferable)
  • All players taking the court must sign on the score sheet against their own name before the end of the game
  • Players must have played 3 games during the season to be eligible to play in finals
  • All players taking the court MUST sign the score board – either as a permanent player or a fill in
  • CHDNA asks that all jewellery be removed.
  • Those players wishing to tape jewellery (studs only) do so at their own risk – in case of injury, CHDNA or members take no responsibility
  • CHDNA will endeavour to provide 2 umpires per game in most instances, but only guarantee 1.
  • Teams are responsible for providing their own scorer, the club will take no responsibility for final scores if a scorer wasn’t provided and there is a dispute.
  • CHDNA expects that persons in all areas of netball participation adhere to Netball Australia Code of Behaviours

How to Pay:

EFT payment is preferred.  We are able to process Visa and MasterCard payments at the clubhouse (1.9% surcharge)

Account name: Cannon Hill Districts Netball Association Inc

BSB: 034 058 (Westpac Bank)

Account Number: 301 397

Reference: First Initial, Surname, Team (e.g.; J.Smith TeamName)