Cannon Hill District Netball Association Terms

  • Players must be registered PRIOR to taking the court
  • Players must pay $50 Registration prior to the third game played
  • All players taking the court must sign on the score sheet before the start of the game
  • CHDNA asks that all jewellery be removed.
  • Those players wishing to tape jewellery (studs only) do so at their own risk – in case of injury, CHDNA or members take no responsibility
  • CHDNA will endeavour to provide 2 umpires per game in most instances, but only guarantee 1.
  • Teams are responsible for providing their own scorer, the club will take no responsibility for final scores if a scorer wasn’t provided and there is a dispute.
  • CHDNA expects that persons in all areas of netball participation adhere to Netball Australia Code of Behaviours
  • Players must have played 3 games with the team during the season to be eligible to take the court for a final

Our Mission

The Cannon Hill District Netball Association (CHDNA) mission is to ensure that members have the opportunity to participate in the sport of netball in a way that brings them good health, recognition, achievement, involvement, satisfaction, or other such outcomes that they seek.


In order to maintain responsible behaviour and ethical and informed decision-making by participants of our club, a series of CHDNA policies have been developed (all of which are available at the club house).

These policies apply to everyone involved in CHDNA including committee members, administrators, coaches, officials (umpires), players, parents and spectators.

Awareness, understanding and implementation of these policies:

  • actively support’s the operation of our Association
  • aligns with our club’s mission
  • compliments our Association constitution and guidelines.

Club Responsibilies

CHDNA will:

  • Make any necessary amendments to our Constitution, rules or other policies to enable our policies to be enforceable
  • Implement and comply with our policy
  • Promote our policy to everyone involved in our club
  • Promote and model appropriate standards of behaviour at all times
  • Respond to breaches or complaints made under our policy promptly, fairly and confidentially
  • Review CHDNA policies every 12-18 months
  • Seek advice from, and if necessary or appropriate, refer serious issues to relevant parties.

Individual Responsibilities

Everyone in association with our club must:

  • Comply with the standards of behaviour outlined in our policy
  • Treat others with respect
  • Be responsible and accountable for their behaviour
  • Follow the policies and guidelines of CHDNA – which also includes the process to make a complaint or report any concerns.
  • Always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations.

Sportsmanship Policy

This policy outlines the association’s expectation of a high level of sportsmanship and fair play and the requirements for acceptable accompanying behaviours for all members and supporters.
CHDNA expects that persons in all areas of netball participation adhere to the Netball Australia Code of Behaviours.

Please click here for the Policy