We would like to share with you some tips to help make your game more enjoyable!


  • Centre Pass: Centre please be aware that as per the 2016 rules, only one foot is needed in the centre circle at the centre pass, and remember the stepping rules and held ball rules apply!
  • Centre Pass: As a player, it is your responsibility to make sure you are behind the transverse line before the centre steps into the centre circle to take the centre pass.  The umpire will blow the whistle as soon as the centre steps in the circle, regardless of whether you are in position
  • At the centre pass, the ball must be taken fully in the centre third
  • If a player breaks at a centre pass, the umpire will usually use the advantage rule.  If 2 opposing players break and one receives the ball, the umpire will do a toss up between the 2 players involved.
  • Is a team has possession of the ball in the centre circle and has not released the ball when time is called of the end of a quarter, they will have the first centre pass after the break
  • If a ball is untouched in the centre third at a centre pass, the sanction is taken in the goal third, where the ball crossed the line
  • If a player is sanctioned (previously called penalised) for breaking, the penalty is taken in the centre third, where the player crossed the line.
  • Once a player taking a penalty pas sin the in the correct position, the player may choose either to play the ball immediately or to wait of the infringer to stand out of play.  However, it is important to note that the changes to the rule regarding the taking of a penalty pass do not remove the requirement for a player who is sanctioned for a major infringement to stand out of play