Cannon Hill District Netball Association invites all current teams, new teams and single payers to join us for Season 2.  We will be running a Mixed competition on Tuesday nights (includes rounds of Fast Five) and a Ladies Social competition on a Wednesday night.  Please see below for more details.


Season 2 will start Tuesday July 18th (Mixed) and Wednesday July 19th (Ladies) and will run for 17 weeks plus one week of finals.

Wet weather week catch up game will be on September 26th (Mixed) and September 27th(Ladies)


Membership is free and all players must be a member prior to taking the court.  This can be done online or at the clubhouse. Please note that once your membership is complete, you must activate your account via email to complete your registration.  Teams who field a non-member will automatically lose that game.

Registration Fees:

A registration fee of $45 per player is payable before you take the court for your third game.  Registration fees are payable each season.

Game Fees:

Teams will be able to pay weekly, upfront in full or 2 part payments and receive a discount in fees.  Please note that teams that forfeit are liable for game fees.

Mixed Competition

Weekly: $70/game

Upfront: $1,120

Part Payment: $775 upfront / $345 week 10

Ladies Competition

Weekly: $77/game

Upfront: $1,232

Part Payment: $800 upfront / $432 week 10

Ladies Grading:

The first 3 week of the ladies competition will be grading.  This will allow us to move teams and players around without affecting ladder points.  Grading is done by several committee members who will observe teams and individual players to try to make a fair and fun competition for all involved.

Returning Teams:

If you are a returning team, please click here to let us know

New Teams:

If you are a new team, let us know you’re coming by clicking here

Single Players:

If you are a single player looking for a team, please click here so that we can find you a team!



Bibs and gloves are available at the clubhouse for a fee.  To avoid this fee it is strongly suggested that teams order their own sets of bibs.  CHDNA are please to offer teams an opportunity to order their own sets of bibs at a discounted rate of $42.  If you would like to order your set of bibs, please click here




All players must be registered to the team anon fill-ins are allowed to be used.  Only players who have played 3 games for a team are eligible to play in finals for that team.

Social Media:

Social media plays a big part in promoting CHDNA and you may frequently see committee members around the courts taking photos or video. If anyone from your team strongly objects to being filmed, please shoot us an email and we can ensure that your team is excluded from this. We would also love to see your pics – #chdnainc

Fill In’s and Registered Players:

If your team needs a fill in, please use the Facebook page. Obviously the more notice you can give the better. Players can only fill in for teams in their own division or above. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure ALL players taking the court are registered members, please do not assume they are. This can be checked at the clubhouse or by sending us an email. Automatic forced losses are applied to teams who play with an unregistered player – no warnings are given.

Please note, fill in players are not excluded from registration fees and must pay the $45 season registration fee before taking the court for their third game.


We are lucky to have a great Umpires Convener who works closely with our Umpires and provides mentoring and training throughout the season. If umpiring is something that you’re interested in, please email us and we will contact you.